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About Visp and the Wallis

Kapelle bei Gletsch, nahe dem Rhonegletscher
Kapelle bei Gletsch

Schwimmbad Visp
Schwimmbad Visp


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Anzeiger, Veranstaltungskalender, Reiseführer

  • Visper Anzeiger
  • (Portal des Walliser Boten)
  • (Radio Rottu Oberwallis)
  • RZ-online (Regionalzeitung)

The quaint town of Visp is located in the heart of the canton of Valais. Visp is an ideal starting point to various excursions to resort town of the region such as: Grächen, Bettmeralp, Riederalp, Leukerbad and Brigerbad (Alpine Thermae), Simplon Pass, Moosalpe, Visperterminen, Bürchen, Zeneggen.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter: each seasons offers its own unique charm here with us in Valais! Come and explore our region with its majestic peaks and its characteristic folk customs and traditions.

The region around Visp is ideal for skiing, snow shoe excursions and hiking through magic winter wonderlands. Enjoy our healing natural hots springs or take in the breath-taking Alpine panorama. The Aletsch glacier is worth a trip! The Fiesch-Eggishorn Railway will get you there conveniently. If you are into ice-skating or tennis, Visp provides excellent facilities for these sports.